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o As a seasoned listing agent, I will help you with the entire home selling process, including the following:

Here are important points to consider when selling your home

  • PRESENTATION - Also referred to as "staging". Before home presentation became popular on TV, I was helping sellers prepare there homes for sale. Sometimes presentation is as simple as de-cluttering and other times requires a level of remodeling. My goal has been to get you a minimum return of $2.00 for each dollar invested, sometimes I have gotten as much as $10.00 for each dollar. This step is critical to the outcome of the sale and should be completed BEFORE the property goes on the market. I generally supervise the project at no cost to you and offer reasonably priced contractors to do the work. Please click on my TESTIMONIALS to read more about how I can help you.
  • DETERMINING THE SALE PRICE - Once the house presentation step is completed we can determine a price by looking at the comparable property sales in the area.
  • MARKETING - Your home home will be photographed to it's best advantage then put on ALL INTERNET Home Finder Websites with the photos so that potential buyers may review your property prior to looking at it "first hand". I also place ads in all the appropriate circulars for the area.
  • OPEN HOUSE - I hold OPEN HOUSE every available weekend until your property is sold. This is an important step in that it not only allows potential buyers to view your property, but it also reminds other Realtors that your property is For Sale. Another added benefit is that I get to meet the buyers and get information that helps me determine how to assess each buyer's motivation and ability to buy.


What to be wary of when listing your home for sale

  • REALTORS WITH MANY LISTINGS - A common misconception is that a Realtor that has many listings must be good, and therefore good for you. Listings tend to grow listings, you can do the math, a Realtor, for example, that has 10 listings can only budget 10% of their time to your listing. To put it into perspective, take doing OPEN HOUSES for example, having too many listings means that you may only have the Realtor you hired at your home once every 5 or 6 weeks, this is not good! Your Realtor, in this scenario, is not making the personal contacts with the potential buyers which will ultimately help make the decisions that need to be made when it is time to consider offers.
  • PRICING YOUR PROPERTY TOO HIGH - Many people feel that "they can always lower the price". The most impact your property has is the day it goes on the market, so complete your presentation BEFORE going on the market and price it competitively. These days pricing slightly under market will frequently encourage multiple offers which can cause upward bidding by the enthusiastic buyers, netting you greater proceeds.
  • OFFERING BUYER CREDITS - If you have areas of your property that need attention, offering a credit to the buyer in lieu of making the repair ahead of time makes the property not show as well and the buyer look for other issues and tend to offer less for the property. As I said earlier, complete the presentation as best you can; I am there to help. 
  • REALTORS THAT DISCLOSE YOUR "BOTTOM LINE" TO POTENTIAL BUYERS - Have you ever walked into a OPEN HOUSE and the Realtor discloses what the seller is willing to take? This is great if you are a buyer, but you do not want to happen when you are selling your house! 

If you are like most people, selling your home means selling your single most valuable asset, so every dollar counts!!

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